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Semi-automatic Outdoor Car Vehicle Tent Umbrella Sunshade Roof Cover Anti-UV Kit Car Umbrella Sun Shade Car Umbrella

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The Car Umbrella is the world’s first 4-season car tent for vehicle protection, a portable power source, and travel shelter. It’s simple to install, and even easier for you to use. Just one-click is needed to open or close the umbrella. To install the Car Umbrella, secure it to the roof of the vehicle with a strength suction cup base. The base is strong enough to withstand 70kg / 154 lbs. Additionally, 4 windproof straps attach to the front mirrors and door handles for extra stability. The large surface area provides full vehicle coverage with dimensions 188.9″ x 71″. The 4-season protection protects your vehicle from falling objects, snow, hail, acid rain, bird droppings and more. When you’re finished with your umbrella it folds compact, fitting snuggly into your trunk.