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Portable Juicer Cup USB Rechargeable Electric Automatic Bingo Benko Vegetables Fruit Juice Blender Mixer Maker Bottle Cup 500ml


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The USB Portable Blender is made of Eco-friendly, food grade non-toxic PC & silicone material designed with spill-proof lids. Each bottle is equipped with dual blades that are made with stainless steel, proven to last. The USB Portable Blender has a one-touch power switch and has a waterproof silicone plug to block the charging port. The Blender can be divided into a container and base for easy cleaning and is also dishwasher safe. The USB Portable Blender has a built in battery and is rechargeable by power bank, laptop, computer, or other USB devices. Use it on-the-go at the gym! Effortlessly pulverises ice, fruits, vegetables, powders, along with other food and drinks, making for easy smoothies, protein shakes, and cocktails wherever you are.