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F297 Outdoor Misting Cooling System Kit for Greenhouse Garden Patio Waterring Irrigation Mister Line 6M-18M System

Black 6M kits
Black 9M kits
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Black 15M kits
Black 18M kits
White 6M kits
White 9M kits
White 12M kits
White 18M kits
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A revolutionary outdoor misting system that keeps your patio cool during the hot summer months and lets you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family! This Do It Yourself outdoor mist cooling kit is great for large backyards, patios, play grounds, barns, stables, pens, corrals and other livestock areas. The system operates on standard city water pressure and hooks on to any outdoor faucet or garden hose. The Outdoor Misting System includes everything for easy installation. Once fully installed, system is very easy to use and to maintain. Perfect for creating a cooler environment for people or pets. In addition to cooling temperatures of up to 25 degrees, this system repels flying insects, clears air of smoke, dust and airborne particles.