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You give your little one's something to eat, but as soon as you turn around, it's all over the ground. The Magic Baby Bowl could be the key to making your parenting life easier!

The Magic Baby Bowl comes equipped with a full 360° rotating bowl and gives you a winning edge overparenting by keeping your baby’s food in the bowl - and off the floor - no matter which way it turns

This brilliantly simple product saves time and wasted food and is play-and-temper-tantrum-friendly!


  • No more Spills and wasted food
  • Spend less time cleaning and more valuable time with your baby
  • Spill-proof, baby-proof, & parent-friendly
  • Shock-resistant and highly-durable
  • Fun for the kids — eating with a twist!

Perfect for kids of all ages, the Magic Baby Bowl is made from safe and non-toxic materials with highly-durable and shock-resistant properties for baby-proof use time and again.