June 23, 2020

How to choose the Diaper Backpack Bag?

This article is dedicated o help moms decide on which Diaper backpack bag to purchase. With frequent travels and trips, this is becoming a mandatory travel accessory to gather all your little one's necessities in one underhand place. Questions raised here and answered are about the right functionality and important features to consider before opting-in for a specific baby bag.

What are the most important features in a backpack diaper bag?

The absolute more important feature in a backpack diaper bag is you can hold it on your back. Bags get heavy, especially diaper bags while also carrying a car seat or a baby. Carrying a bag on your back saves your shoulders from pain and discomfort. Bra straps can do that without any help. Take a look at other important features of a top-notch backpack diaper bag. 

  • Comfortable to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of space 
  • Plenty of pockets for organization
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Affordable
  • Not an eyesore
  • Works for both mom and dad
  • Includes a changing pad and insulated pockets

How much space do I need in a diaper bag?

Diaper bag needs evolve over the first year of your babies life but a few things remain constant. A bag needs to be big enough to hold the following:

  • Diapers – at least 5 
  • Baby wipes
  • A change of clothes 
  • A receiving blanket
  • Bottles or a coverup for nursing moms
  • Baby formula
  • A couple of small toys
  • A couple of books
  • A teething ring
  • A changing pad 
  • Diaper rash cream 
  • Room to toss extras in if you go out shopping
  • A stuffed animal or lovey 
  • Your necessities – phone, wallet, keys, tablet, lip gloss, etc
  • Nursing pads and a spare bra if nursing
If you have all of this on hand you should be fine out and about with your baby. Each family will find something else necessary for their life that needs to go in the bag. Also, other moms find they prefer to pack a lighter bag. Others like to carry light and leave extras in the car. With time you will find the right balance for your diaper bag.

How long will I need a diaper bag?

More than likely you will need a diaper bag until your child is either out of diapers or starts preschool, at which point you will be carrying around their backpack instead of a diaper bag. Some babies potty train as early as two years old and then you can downsize to a smaller diaper bag. That’s a big day!

Nothing more frustrating than always needing a giant bag of stuff and constantly making sure it’s full of every potential thing another human could possibly need throughout the day. When my youngest child got out of diapers I switched back to a purse immediately. The thought of not having to carry a bag around made my life so much easier.

Even after your child moves out of the backpack diaper bag and into a preschool backpack, I would suggest keeping a spare outfit in the car. Small children can only hold their bladder for so long and after that accidents happen. Some children might be extra messy and need constant entertainment and you may need a bag longer. You should be able to switch to a tote bag at that point. Even better, have the child carry their own backpack “like a big boy or girl.”

Should a diaper bag have space for my stuff and the baby’s stuff or should I carry a purse too?

This depends on you. Do you normally carry a lot of stuff for yourself in a purse or just the minimum? If you are the type of woman who needs her purse filled with mascara, powder, a water bottle, three flavors of lip gloss, a notebook, six ink pens from the bank, and four containers of cold medicine, I would suggest carrying a purse and a diaper bag. If you only need a purse to keep your phone, wallet, and keys out of your pockets then just use the diaper bag. 

How do I wash a diaper bag?

Most diaper bags are wipe down only. Some can go in the washing machine. This is why most diaper bags are made of waterproof fabrics so they will stay clean longer. All bags with time will need a thorough wash. If you cannot wash the bag in the machine you may be able to steam clean the bag or take it to the dry cleaners.

Check the label of your backpack diaper bag before using to find out how to wash the bag. Take a mental note of the information and then promptly forget the information. Just kidding! Keep the information in mind and plan accordingly. The insert comes out completely to go in the machine and faux leather is easy to wipe down and keep clean. You can even wipe down with the baby wipes in the bag! 

Are there any backpack diaper bags big enough for three or more kids? 

I looked for this magical unicorn of a bag and did not find one. I have three kids and if the youngest wasn’t much younger than her other siblings I wouldn’t have been able to leave the house with less than two bags and a purse. The best bet is to carry less in a large bag. The closest option I found is again Taste of Vogue diaper backpack bag with the extra compartments.

Another option is to keep a larger bag in the car or at the hotel room or close by without having to be carried and taking only the essentials on your back with you. Most backpacks are meant to carry only what you can carry on your back and while babies are small, multiple babies take up space and need more stuff. Consider using the resources available such as dad’s back and the storage under the stroller as well. 

Final Thoughts

Our Diaper bag meets all the needs for a backpack diaper bag. Even better, the bag multi-tasks as a messenger bag and turns into a bag for mom after the baby moves into a preschool backpack with some Disney character on the front. Let the kids carry the characters and you carry a grown-up bag with tons of style. The bag still keeps bottles cold, is easy to wash, stores diapers and everything else you need. 

This Diaper bag can be hooked to the stroller or brought on your back. Not to mention, dad won’t mind carrying this bag around either. 

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